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Chill Spectrum Vol. 1 - An Educational Coloring Book for Stoners

Chill Spectrum Vol. 1 - An Educational Coloring Book for Stoners

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Elevate your break room experience with Chill Spectrum, the educational coloring book designed with budtenders in mind.

*NOTE: You do not have to be a budtender or work in the cannabis industry to purchase a coloring book!

Just a stoner who loves learnin?

So are we!

Coloring is fun for everyone!

Fun and Laidback Design: Tap into the laidback nature of the cannabis community with whimsical illustrations featuring aliens, frogs, and high cats.

Educational Content: Learn about eight common terpenes found in dispensaries, complete with aroma notes, effects, and strains they're commonly found in.

High-Quality Materials: Enjoy coloring on premium paper with a bright glossy cover that feels satisfying to the touch.

Perfect for Break Rooms: Designed to spark conversations and foster learning among dispensary staff, Chill Spectrum is the ideal addition to any break room.

Reinforce Budtender Education: Empower your frontline sales team with essential knowledge about terpenes, enhancing their ability to serve customers effectively.

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✨ Let Chill Spectrum transform your break room into a hub of relaxation and learning. Order your coloring book now and embark on a colorful journey through the world of cannabis terpenes! ✨

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