TPH 5: Physical Traits of Plants w/ Steven C. Philpott

TPH 5: Physical Traits of Plants w/ Steven C. Philpott

Hey pot heads, you're going to be glad you saw this episode!

This week on Talking Pot Heads, we welcome Steven C. Philpott, a cannabis researcher with a background in agriculture and sports science, to discuss the physical traits of the cannabis plant and how our simple labels of "indica" and "sativa" don't give a clear picture of the full spectrum of effects we might expect from cannabis strains.

We get some mind-blowing definitions of common weed terms, talk about landrace and ruderalis strains, and what you need to know about this to support your work as a budtender in a dispensary.

If you are a budtender or just love learning about weed, don't miss this episode of Talking Pot Heads!

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