TPH 4: Terpenes w/ Bree bates, Tiff English & Dr. Codi Peterson

TPH 4: Terpenes w/ Bree bates, Tiff English & Dr. Codi Peterson

What's up, pot heads??

This episode of Talking Pot Heads, with Rileigh and Ashleen of the Chronic Gals, takes listeners on an aromatic journey into the world of cannabis terpenes with insights from industry experts including budtender ⁠Bree Bates⁠, ⁠Tiff English of The Happiest Hour⁠, and ⁠Dr. Codi Peterson⁠, a pediatric cannabis pharmacist.

The discussion delves into the nuances of terpenes and their critical role in influencing the flavor, therapeutic benefits, and psychoactive effects of cannabis. Special attention is given to the art of low temperature dabbing to accentuate terpene profiles, emphasizing the importance of terpenes in product selection at dispensaries.

The episode serves as a comprehensive guide for budtenders and consumers alike, highlighting the need for education to help folks choose what sort of strains and products can achieve the effect they want.

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