TPH 1: A show for budtenders & cannabis lovers

TPH 1: A show for budtenders & cannabis lovers

Welcome to Talking Pot Heads, with your hosts, the Chronic Gals!

In this episode, we introduce the podcast and talk about why we created a resource for budtenders in the cannabis industry, plus we provide an overview of the upcoming episodes and the topics they will cover.

We're so excited for this brilliant lineup of highly-infused guests, with experts from various fields within the cannabis industry!

We're focused on providing educational content for budtenders and anyone interested in learning more about cannabis. If you or anyone you know wants to be a budtender in a cannabis dispensary, send them this podcast so they can learn what they need to be prepared to rock the sales floor!

And if you love what you hear and want to learn more, check out our budtender-certification course, Root Knowledge: A Budtender's Guide to Cannabis!

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Thanks for listening! Until next time, pot heads!

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