Why should cannabis brands Prioritize budtender training?

Why should cannabis brands Prioritize budtender training?

How does prioritizing budtender training help brands make their dreams come true?

Picture this…

You’re the owner of a cannabis brand, just pulled up to one of your trusted retailers to deliver an order.

The doorman greets you with kind hellos. They check your ID and sign you into the log book, asking if you brought any more of your last batch of dank. They loved it and had been recommending it to everyone.

You overhear a budtender behind the counter mention to the customer they’re helping, “That guy is from the brand I was showing you! Their selection is great with strains for everyone,” before showing off some prerolls that would fit the experience they wanted.

Waiting while the manager counts in your order, you say hi to all the passing budtenders, some stopping to ask about the concentrates you’ve been developing.

You posted an educational flyer in the breakroom last time you were here, so you swap it out for an updated one about your new extracts.

More budtenders stop to say hi, and you’re able to share more about what your brand has been up to, what you have coming up next.

You help one budtender understand the differences between live resin and BHO, which is great, because you just dropped off a box full of shiny, golden live resin dabs, and now she’s better equipped to move these brand new items.

You’re stoked because the whole store engages with you and your brand! You know they’re recommending your products, because they sell out almost every week.

That is what happens when a cannabis brand invests energy into building relationships with budtenders!

When you get the budtenders on your side, they’re recommending YOUR products first.

When a customer asks what they’re taking home after their shift, it’s YOUR latest drop.

When you find the budtenders who align with your Why - why your brand stands for what it does - you’re going to have loyal evangelists for life.

So take the time

To reach out across the counter

To build the relationship

With the folks who are directly responsible for the sales to your end user.

Prioritizing budtender relationships as a cannabis brand can do nothing but benefit your business!

At Take Root Training, we offer production services to cannabis brands who want to create training for their retailers. If you need help figuring out where to start, schedule a call and we can help you strategize budtender training!

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