Why does budtender training matter?

Why does budtender training matter?

It wasn’t so long ago that most of us were getting our weed in parking lots or hazy front seats…

and the luxury of choice certainly wasn’t available. You might know of the odd friend whose great-aunt uses it for diabetes or glaucoma, but you wouldn’t know which strains she used or why.

These days, with the level of innovation we’ve achieved in cannabis, it’s no longer enough to settle for whatever your dealer got from their dealer.

Budtenders need to understand basic genetics, to understand how we got from Durban Poison to GMO; botany, to understand why ladybugs are preferable pesticides to chemicals; chemistry, to understand the process of extracting concentrates; human physiology, to understand the differences between smoking weed and eating edibles; and so much more!

Honestly, how we’ve gotten this far in the industry with such disparate training opportunities for budtenders is beyond me.

It’s really simple though - dispensary management hasn’t had the time or energy to develop comprehensive training materials that touch everything a new budtender needs to know.

We get it, it’s been tough out here. Between compliance, technology issues, regulations, and just managing the day-to-day of the shop, they’re already tapped.

But if you’re in dispo management, and you feel like you need your team on the same page, we’re here to help!

Our budtender training resources go beyond educating on the basics. A Trainer’s Guide to Cultivating Dank Budtenders helps your team speak the same language and uses interactive games, role play scenarios, and pop quiz questions to make sure everyone is well-versed in exactly what is in your shop.

When your budtenders are well-educated on your inventory, they’re able to recommend even niche items to the right customer. Which means happy customers, happy registers, happy tip jars, happy staff.

Reach out to see how Take Root Training can help train your budtenders today!

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