Topics your budtender should know about

Topics your budtender should know about

How many sales jobs do you know that don’t provide on-the-job training for their employees??

Dispensaries are still finding their identity, finding themselves presenting to consumers both as a jolly provider of quasi-nefarious goods intended to give you a good time and a non-medical health consultancy that is prevented from speaking medically, while also answering questions like, what do you have that can help my Chron’s disease or painful periods or arthritis?

So budtenders are offering advice for a massively wide range of needs, but unfortunately, dispensaries aren’t making sure their crew is being properly educated on these subjects.

And without adequate training, the best-meaning budtenders are giving out poor advice to people just seeking relief.

Do you know how much a budtender needs to know?

Here are just a few topics I’ve had to explain while working the dispensary sales floor…

🌱 How weed works for sex and intimacy

🌱 Why getting high from edibles feels different from smoking pot

🌱 How to make infused butter and/or oil

🌱 Why terpenes are more helpful than cannabinoids for identifying a customer’s strain preference

🌱 How to roll infused joints

🌱 How cannabis helps opioid addicts

🌱 Why you should use cannabis spiritually

🌱 How topicals don’t (generally) get you high

🌱 The difference between cannabis-derived and hemp-derived compounds

🌱 At what temperature you should dab for different effects

🌱 How to use and maintain different smoking tools

🌱 Which consumption methods are best for different desired experiences

Not to mention the myriad products, strains, effects, strain histories, and vendors budtenders have to keep track of, purchase to try themselves, and describe enticingly.

SHOUT OUT to budtenders everywhere!

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