Misinformation is a problem in the cannabis industry

Misinformation is a problem in the cannabis industry

One of our followers had this to say about their experience working at a dispensary…

“Training should be an absolute requirement when its about being a budtender. I overhear and catch many tenders talking out their ass to customers which makes my job that much harder trying to correct them.”

I had this experience, too.

It’s such a disservice to the customer, because they may not get the effect they desired or expected.

And with cannabis, a lot of the times, it’s a one shot kind of deal, especially with a newbie. If someone tries it once and has a bad experience, it’s unlikely they’ll come back and try again. And if a budtender is giving out incorrect information and people aren’t getting the effects they want, the store will miss out on hooking a loyal customer who could’ve come back again and again.

But if the dispensary leadership sets a standard for knowledge in the store and supports that with training for their whole crew, imagine how customer loyalty will shift when people are feeling good and want to come back to your knowledgeable budtenders, to keep feeling good again and again.

If you work with budtenders and want to see them well-trained, schedule a call and let’s chat. Take Root Training is on a mission to bring accessible, impactful, and empowering cannabis education to budtenders!

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