How does supporting budtenders serve a cannabis brand?

How does supporting budtenders serve a cannabis brand?

Listen, at the end of the day, we’re all here to make money.

When you’re a cannabis brand, that means making a good product, and selling the heck out of it.

But it’s tricky in a dispensary, because as the sales rep, you’re usually not on the scene to educate the end consumer on what makes your product special and why they should buy it.

Who is?

The budtenders.

So why are so few canna brands making training resources for them?

Product knowledge sheets that explain what the product is, how to use it, and the ideal user would be hugely supportive tools to help budtenders move your items more effectively! Think about how you train your brand ambassadors to talk about your products at vendor days. Every budtender at your retailers should be able to speak as well on your products, especially if you carry niche items.

The better educated our budtenders are, the better they will be at matching customers to just the right strains and products for them.

Putting effort into training materials for budtenders is energy well-invested, and the return on your investment looks like more reorders, more customer loyalty, and more sales!

So where do you start?

Writing product knowledge sheets can start as simply as a Word document with the major selling points about each product.

You’ll get more eyes if you upgrade to using a pre-designed template in some free design software like Canva.

You’ll get the most engagement if you really go all out and thoughtfully develop some interactive training material - video, designed booklets, e-books, cards.

You can go even further and host your training material with the Take Root Almanac, our online platform that hosts all your digital training material and can update an entire roster of budtenders on new product drops and company updates with the push of a button.

But the best place is just to start getting the information out there!

Here are some ideas for selling points to train budtenders on, but of course, these will differ depending on the product type: strain lineage, unique growth or curing practices, unique processing practices, how to use it or dose it, terpene and minor cannabinoid content.

If you need help getting started, you can always reach out to us at Take Root Training! We can write and design your training for you, so you have an interactive, branded product knowledge packets ready to engage the budtenders in your sphere.

Not only that, we can host your training in the Take Root Almanac, our online learning platform that helps cannabis brands reach budtenders quickly and efficiently!

Schedule a demo with us today to see how training services can benefit your brand!

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