Customer service tips for budtenders

Customer service tips for budtenders

People think budtending is easy until…

Being a budtender requires a diverse skill set, blending aspects of customer service, product knowledge, and empathy.

Not only that, you’re guaranteed to help a wide range of people on a daily basis, code-switching between subcultures and communities to best serve each one.

Just like any public-facing position, folks are just looking for some one to help with their problems. When you start building relationships with customers, they’ll start seeking you out.

Need some ideas for how to get there?

Email this to yourself now, because here are 4 customer service tips for budtenders:

  1. Tailor Recommendations:

    Personalize recommendations based on individual preferences, whether it's the desired effect, flavor profile, or method of consumption. Consider factors like tolerance, experience level, and any specific conditions.
  2. Stay Positive and Professional:

    Maintain a positive attitude, even during busy or challenging times. Be professional in your interactions, treating every customer with respect.
  3. Stay Compliant:

    Be well-versed in local and state regulations regarding cannabis sales. Ensure that customers are of legal age and meet all requirements. Offer guidance on responsible consumption and legal limits.
  4. Problem Resolution:

    Handle customer concerns or complaints with patience and professionalism. Work towards finding a solution that satisfies the customer and adheres to company policies.
Remember, the key is to balance professionalism with a friendly and understanding demeanor. Positive experiences lead to customer loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals to your shop!Want more? Follow @takeroottraining on Instagram for more budtender training tips, and check out Root Knowledge: A Budtender’s Guide to Cannabis, our budtender training course!
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