Budtenders want more training!

Budtenders want more training!

We asked budtenders what training do you wish you received, but didn’t

Overwhelmingly, the responses indicated concentrates and extracts as a major topic that needs more training in the dispensary setting.

And I mean… obviously, right??

The world of extracts is a sticky one, which involves molecular chemistry and an understanding of how different processing creates different results.

Budtenders have to be able to explain to a customer the difference between live resin and CRC, and why they should pay more for the live resin. It’s hard to justify the additional cost if you don’t understand the careful process the live resin went through and what the benefits are.

Being able to discuss little troubleshooting hacks - like putting sticky oil in the fridge for 10 minutes to make it more manageable, or warming shatter between your hands to make it moldable, for example - go a long way in developing customer relationships, and serve to increase the reputation of the tender and the store.

We discuss these concentrate conversations and ways to talk about them in Root Knowledge: A Budtender’s Guide to Cannabis. If you’re ready to empower your crew with comprehensive cannabis training, schedule a call with us today!

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