3 ways to engage your staff on the dispensary sales floor

3 ways to engage your staff on the dispensary sales floor

Here’s why you should engage your budtending staff!

I was talking to a boss at my former dispensary, and she mentioned this weird thing that happens to her budtending staff right around two years of employment.

Other dispensary leadership, let me know if this happens at your store, too…

Btw, I’m Ashleen, co-founder of Take Root Training. We’re on a mission to bring accessible, empowering, and impactful cannabis education to budtenders everywhere, and I’m the one whose gonna help you solve this exact problem.

So what was going on with the long-timers?

After about two years or so, they all just started checking out mentally.

It was like the Customer Service Monster said, nope, you’ve done this long enough, you don’t need to pay attention anymore. And it’s not like they were any less good at their jobs, she said. It was just like they were going through the motions and had lost the love and passion for why they love to tend herb in the first place.

So how do we get our budtenders to check back in?

Remind them that this is all for fun!

Bringing fun back onto your sales floor with interactive tasks, pop quizzes, role play scenarios, and other games can reinvigorate your whole crew!!

Not only that, but creating engaging games where the senior staff are able to teach newer budtenders improves camaraderie, morale, and ultimately, customer service.

If this sounds like just what your store needs, but you don’t know where to start, follow us on Instagram! We’re going to drop a bunch of practical tips this week that you can use to gamify your inventory and infuse fun back into your store!

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